Thanks so much and for all your help with this, Amber! We’ve so enjoyed working with you and getting to know you a little bit. We really like the lady from Chinook too.

 It’s been such a load off our minds to have this process done finally, and you were the one who finally made it happen.

 A “mortgage broker” thread just came up on my moms’ group and I recommended you super-highly

Melaena A

Amber Moser- she did two deals for me last year. Her negotiation skills are second to none. She made things happen when other brokers refused to even try or gave up. It’s like she took it as a personal challenge to make things work for me and I am forever grateful to her for making my dreams a reality. I owe so much to her and Realtor Kim Fleury. I lost everything in my divorce and thanks to these fine ladies, I am back on track and saved my family’s future


Amber came over to our house and offered us unbiased, reasoned and appropriate advice that worked out very well for us. Thank you Amber, your professionalism is exemplary.

Terry S.

Thank you too the lovely ladies that suggested Kim Fleury and Amber Moser in the process in buying a home! I am happy to say that these two lovely ladies have helped my family find our perfect home! 🙂 I am so excited. Thank you 🙂 Black heart (cards)

J. Thompson

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for two very special mamas!! Amber Moser– who saved me 9k on mortgages penalties by making the impossible happen & to Kim Fleury-the best realtor I could ever ask for!!! As a divorced single mom of three, I think you can imagine how it feels to not lose 9k!! These women have made it possible for me to start rebuilding my family’s future on my own and I just want to express my gratitude Heavy black heart

L. Mioc

Well, finally done with all the rental hunting!!! We officially bought our first house 🙂 I am soooo beyond excited, thank you Amber Moser and Kim Fleury!!! You ladies are the best, we would not have survived this without you!!!!

K. Woiwood

If not for Dominion Lending Centre and Amber Moser many of my clients would still be waiting to buy their first home. Amber really thinks outside the box and explores all avenues to help people get the best financing for their needs which in turn helps me to help them find their homes.

Kim Fleury, CIR

Amber is extremely pleasant and friendly to deal with. As a first time home buyer who was a bit nervous about the whole process, Amber provided insightful information and clearly explained all my options to me. She took the time to follow up with me during my entire mortgage process and ensure everything was going as smooth as possible for me. I would definitely recommend Amber to anyone looking for a mortgage broker, especially first time home buyers.

Chantal P.

Amber was so nice & professional to dealt with..she was a big help for gettin’ our 1st house…she walk the talk & she supported us all the way. very patient with long distance conversation with my wife & approachable. 5 stars & highly recommended to my friends & colleague. thanks Amber!

S. Sansarona

Amber was extremely easy to deal with. She was so dedicated at making the process easy and stress free for us. Any questions I had she answered them right away and made sure I had all the information I needed before making such a huge decision. I highly recommended her to others you won’t be dissapointed!

S. Stadnyk