I wanted to thank you for all your help and for all your patience with me!!  Lol.  You were amazing to work with!!!

B. Rodgers

Amber was very helpful when we were looking at purchasing our home. She was able to pull it off for us and know which companies to go through to have us approved for what we needed. Couldn’t thank her enough and even after she offered things to make sure we were happy with our home. I would recommend amber if someone is looking for a mortgage broker and I would use her in the future as well. She also helped assisting in realtors and lawyers👍. Extra plus was able to get a fabulous interest rate

L. Wingert

Just wanted to Thank You for your help with our mortgage renewal. Look forward to working with you in the future.

Will defiantly pass along your contact info if we know of anyone looking for a broker.

R & T. Branston

Amber is professional and patient. She walked me through the whole mortgage process and provided valuable opinions on my financial situation. When others cannot handle my mortgage request, Amber saved it and I really appreciate her services and will definitely recommend to anyone that needs a mortgage!

N. Yan

Amber has been my broker for 6 years now! And when I went to purchase my first home she would come to my work with a portable scanner and have me sign documents! Did I mention I worked night shift in a production welding shop! She’s truly amazing and always there for her clients.

C. Dawson

Yes! I tried working with my bank, jumping thru every hoop they gave me only to have them say no. Amber not only quickly found me multiple choices for mortgages, she stuck with me despite my exes lawyer incompetence almost causing it all to fall apart. She was amazing to deal with and literally helped me keep my home.

C. McCallum

A huge thank you for your time, your support, your honesty.  You are always the best person to have in our corner. 🙂

C. Woll

I am thankful and grateful for everything you have done for me. I live in a beautiful spot, where me and my family enjoy every minute.
Thanking you again from the bottom of my heart. ~ M. Chambers


M. Chambers

Thank you Amber for your tremendous good efforts to provide your services to me. I appreciate so much your expertise & support throughout the whole process. As a single mother myself, who wasn’t sure if I could actually be a home-owner, I couldn’t be happier at this point.

I will recommend you anytime I know someone who is looking for a mortgage broker. ~ A. Anderson

“There is nothing but wonderful things I can say about Amber. My husband and I have been working with her since 2012 and we couldn’t have bought our very first home without her. She made what felt like the impossible possible. She gave us guidance and answered all of our questions throughout the entire process. Even now she is promptly answering emails and phone calls from me as we get ready to relocate and buy a new home. Despite the fact that we are moving to a new city we will still be using her services for all future renewals. I am forever thankful to her.”

S. Childerley