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11 Jun

Summer 2012 Fencing Project


Posted by: Denise (AMBER) Moser

So while we were installing a fence this weekend I realized that I had some information that may be of use to those out there that have large summer projects such as fences or decks this summer and decided I should share it.  My findings may save you some time or even some money.  See below:

We had 160′ feet of fence material to purchase and I decided to shop it around to see where the best price would be for this monster undertaking.  I called all the major wood material suppliers in town I could think of.  The fence that we installed is what Rona calls the Estate fence although I think Totem calls it something else and Windsor Plywood calls it something else.  Here is how my findings ranked:

160′ of fence:

All prices included wood, screws, posts, concrete and brackets unless otherwise noted.


6. Home Depot came in highest at just over    $2,200

5. Windsor Plywood                                      $2,082.53

4. Totem                                                    $1,600 plus materials ie.concrete, fasteners, brackets

3. Timbertown                                             $1,896

2. Rona                                                      $1,876.14

1. Lowe’s                                                                     $1,876.04

So Lowe’s and Rona pretty much tied being only $0.10 difference, however, we decided to go with Lowe’s because there is a Home Depot across the street that rents equipment making it easy for us to pick up and return the auger that was used to drill the holes for the fence posts.  I hope this saves you some time and maybe even some money this summer.